Best Wheelbarrow for the Job?

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Wheelbarrows are brawn on wheels.

A wheelbarrow makes a labor-intensive job easier by serving as an axle and lever, making it easier to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another. You want to choose the right one for the job.


Wheelbarrows vary in load capacity. The wheelbarrows at PaulB Wholesale have a load capacity of 800 pounds. That’s a generous number that can handle a variety of heavy-duty materials.

Look for cargo volume, too, when choosing the wheelbarrow you need — from 5 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet.


The Scenic Road wheelbarrows and Brentwoods are comparable in price.  These brands will cost more than the True Temper brand of wheelbarrows because Scenic Road and Brentwood are more of an industrial wheelbarrow.

True Temper is focused on home owner. Brentwoods and Scenic Road models are made for the contractor or industrial setting where they must endure heavy use.

Brentwoods are designed to be “shin friendly,” with unique shin plate positioning.


Decide if you want single tire or double tire. There are pros and cons to both.

4Ply Turf max mower tire i mage
Tire 9×350-4 4Ply Turf Max Mower

It is easier to maneuver a single turf-tire wheelbarrow. You’ll likely steer a single-tire wheelbarrow better than a double-tire one. Single tire also lets you get into tighter spaces. However, a single-tire wheelbarrow will be less stable when you have heavy loads.

The double-wheel is your choice for controlling a heavy load.  You get balance, and are less likely to tip the load. However, a double-wheel is hard to maneuver in a tight space.

Most of the wheelbarrows PaulB Wholesale has in stock have pneumatic tires, but there is a “no flat” tire available. Contact your PaulB Wholesale sales rep for more information about no-flat tire wheelbarrows.

Choose between 2-ply and 4-ply. The “ply” refers to the layers of rubber in the wheel.  A 2-ply has two layers of the reinforced rubber under the tread, while a 4-ply will be heavier-duty and have four layers.

For best performance, maneuverability, and leverage, maintain proper tire pressure. You can find specifications for proper tire pressure “written” on the tire themselves.


Wheelbarrows sold through PaulB Wholesale are made with poly trays, heavy-duty chassis, and handles made of hardwoods, such as North American ash. They have ample pour spouts for easy dumping.

Industrial models are ideal for hauling concrete, rubble, discarded roof shingle, etc. The homeowner models can handle mulch, lawn and garden waste, and lighter construction waste.

Whatever use you assign to your wheelbarrow, place the heaviest part of the load over the wheels for best balance.

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