Farm Equip Paint Protects Look, Longevity

Find colors that match the brands

paint for farm equipment and tractors
Find the right paint color for your tractor through PaulB Wholesale.

People love their brands, especially when it comes to ag equipment. Only two years ago, a survey of farmers revealed that nearly 69% said they were “brand loyal” when it comes to the machinery they use (

They take care of that equipment, a heavy investment. Part of that maintenance includes keeping its appearance nice – and better protected from rust and fade.

So finding an Allis Chalmers orange for your Allis Chalmers, a Massey Ferguson red for your Massey Ferguson, or a John Deere green for your John Deere is important.

John Deere green paint from PaulB Wholesale
When you own a John Deere tractor in John Deere green, you want to keep it John Deere green.

Tallmans Ag Specialty Coatings, sold by PaulB Wholesale, are custom made for today’s farm, home, and industry. These paints are custom-formulated to meet the high performance demands of farm equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles and power equipment. The choice of coatings include all sorts of colors with brand-specific preferences in mind.

“A lot of times, they’ll be guys who need to fix a piece of equipment, a part, and they want to match it without having to send it back to the original manufacturer,” explained Doug Martin, sales manager at PaulB Wholesale. “These coatings allow even the smallest of repair people to have access to a color that closely matches an original piece. They don’t have to be a huge company to access that.”

blue paint for New Holland tractor, PaulB Wholesale tractor paints and farm equipment paint
New Holland blue

“Tallmans is a brand name that is manufactured by Van Sickle,” according to Dave Van Eck, general manager at Van Sickle Paint. Tallmans Coatings operates under the “special products” umbrella of Vogel Specialty Products Group, of which Van Sickle Paints is a division.

“Many brands, specifically tractor brands in our case, identify themselves by color, so when you see a unit in the field, you don’t necessarily need to see the logo to know what kind of tractor is in use,” Van Eck said. In most cases, paint colors are not patented, although some companies have tried to have them be, according to Van Eck.

brand-specific paints for farm equipment and heavy equipment brands
Consumers recognize certain brands of heavy equipment and farm equipment by their colors.

“Certain color combinations are brand identifiers; for example, John Deere’s combination of green and yellow.”

“PaulB Wholesale sells aerosol cans, quarts, gallons and 5 gallon containers of Tallmans,” according to John Zimmerman, buyer for PaulB LLC. “Our most popular color is Ag Gloss Black, followed closely by John Deere Green, International Harvester Red, and New Holland Red.”

“Van Sickle/Tallmans probably have one of the most complete antique tractor color offerings in the industry,” Van Eck added. “We also have one of the broadest offerings of oil and latex barn paints. Many of the oil barn paints are no longer being manufactured by paint companies, so having the wide range of options is unique in today’s paint market.”