Find the Right PTO Shaft

PaulB Wholesale PTO Shaft Driveline

A Power Take-Off shaft transfers power from tractor to implement. Use the wrong shaft, and you risk ruining the driveline, your equipment and possibly risking your own safety!

There are numerous ratings, styles and sizes that factor into choosing the right PTO shaft for your application.

PaulB Wholesale is the Northeast Regional Distributor for Weasler PTO shafts and components. We stock a large amount of standard, metric and constant velocity drivelines, shaft assemblies and parts.

Your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifies the PTO shaft that’s best for the application.  In most cases, PaulB Wholesale is able to match the OEM’s specs, for less cost.

Consider the following factors when purchasing or replacing a PTO shaft:

  1. Determine the make and model of your machine.
  2. Know the amount of horsepower and torque that needs to move through the PTO shaft.
  3. Look for the style and size bore of the yokes located on both ends of the shaft.
  4. Determine the overall length of the collapsed shaft and find out how much operational overlap is needed. You’ll likely have to cut your driveline to size.
  5. Identify your driveline style. For instance, if the shape of the telescoping tubing and shafting is three-pointed, star-shaped, or shaped like a lemon, it’s likely a metric style.
  6. Figure out what shaft series you need. PaulB Wholesale carries Weasler North American, Weasler Italian, Weasler German, Weasler and B&P Constant Velocity shafts. PaulB also carries Weasler PTO clutches. This handy chart can help you determine shaft series.

If need help finding the PTO shaft that’s right for your application, our knowledgeable sales staff is ready and happy to assist you. Give us a call: 1-800-738-1117.