Have PaulB Wholesale ‘Sitting’ Nearby

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Once again, PaulB Wholesale is ready to bring the warehouse to you…and offer a window into that warehouse with its catalog.

The PaulB Wholesale 2017 catalog is now available, featuring more than 800 colorful pages of product images, information, specs, and pricing.

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Click on the image to request a 2017 PaulB Wholesale Parts Catalog.

This year’s catalog features 47 groups of supplies, with thousands of options in tools, fasteners, sprayer parts, mechanical items, cargo control, pumps, and more.

“We still believe, in a lot of shops and manufacturing environments, that when you are in the middle of a dirty project, a well-made catalog is used frequently as the resource for parts and supplies instead of going to a computer,” said Jim Hostetter, president of PaulB Wholesale.

“We spend more for heavier page weight and a durable cover material so our parts catalog can take the abuse of being on a shop counter.”

This handy, printed catalog  (request one here) includes thousands of images. It’s free to PaulB Wholesale customers.

PaulB Wholesale has produced a parts directory since the early 1980s.

Those early versions were basically binders with manufacturer’s sell sheets organized inside of them.

In the ‘90s, the catalogs remained as binders, but they featured computer-generated price sheets.

In the early 2000s, the print catalog had professionally designed price sheets, added price breaks, and the option for order multiples.

PaulB Wholesale produced the first fully printed version in 2010.

Easily find and order the supplies you need with today’s parts catalog, a rugged reference book with a robust table of contents and index.

It also features highlighted vendors through sponsorship.

In addition to more than 3,000 images, the 2017 PaulB Wholesale parts catalog has more detail product descriptions and specifications.

This year’s issue has an enhanced layout for ease of search, and a larger index.

PaulB Wholesale outside sales associates find these books especially helpful when networking with rural customers who may be off the grid, without internet access.

Hostetter added: “Through the years of growth for PaulB Wholesale, the catalog has become more than a sales tool.

In many shops, it is a resource for product information that replaces having to have multiple catalogs (one for bearings, one for PTO, one for belts, etc,) because the technical specifications are all there.

“Problems can be researched and solved in one resource.”