Keep Equipment Healthy Through Winter

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Certain lubricants/fluids can prolong the life of your equipment. In harsh weather conditions, they can also enhance its performance.

Following are some suggested products to help maintain and protect your equipment.

Keep in mind, all lubricant/fluid use should comply with your owner’s manual and/or manufacturer’s specifications.

Drain the tanks of small-engine equipment that won’t be used through winter.

PowR fuel treatment, PaulB WholesaleFUEL STABILIZER: Consider adding an anti-gel agent if temperatures drop below 15 degrees F.

Products such as Pow-R Plus Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment or Penray Winter Thaw can help prevent ice buildup in your fuel lines.

Add a fuel stabilizer to gas stores sitting over the winter.

Diesel fuel treatments might reduce your cetane rating, so consider adding a cetane booster or finding a winter diesel fuel treatment that helps enhance cetane.

STARTING FLUID: Use through sub-zero degree weather in cars and tractors, and in small engines (such as those in snow blowers, ATVs, generators, etc). Starting fluid is especially useful when an engine block heater isn’t available.

The diethyl ether in starting fluid can give a cold engine a kick-start and help get fuel to the combustion cylinder quickly. Only a small amount should be used.

Use caution if using with a diesel engine, as it may pre-ignite.

HYDRAULIC FLUID: Consider using an hydraulic oil with a lighter viscosity in freezing temperatures. Check the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations to see which fluid is best for winter use.

Try to cleanly reclaim the fluid you had in prior to any switch.

Know what fluids and oil are rated to avoid pump/engine stress.

ANTIFREEZE: Antifreeze products come with temperature-tolerance ratings. Check the recommendations from your equipment manufacturer.

Use an antifreeze tester or refractometer to determine freeze point.

Generally speaking, use a regular green, low silicate antifreeze in any equipment that originally had green coolant.

IN SUMMARY: Regardless of which fluid you choose to winterize your equipment, have patience and allow for a longer warm-up period in order for your equipment to function properly.

Keep all fluids and oil at room temperature when storing them, and fill the fuel tank in your machine at the end of each shift.

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