Need to Move a lot of Water in a Short Amount of Time?

PaulB Wholesale Briggs and Stratton pacer pump

Transfer pumps move liquids from one spot to another, and can be used to move more than just water.

They move fertilizers, chemicals, slurry, oil, and water efficiently and safely.

Be sure your pump is equipped to handle the length of suction and discharge needed to move the liquid for the intended job.

Always read a pump’s manual to see if it is manufactured to move fluids other than water, especially if you plan to transfer corrosive material.

Verify the pump’s chemical compatibility before use.

transfer pump on sale-PaulB Wholesale, centrifugal
April 2017 PaulB Wholesale Hot Item.

PaulB Wholesale has a self-priming, centrifugal pump on special through April.

This type of transfer pump, Pacer brand with a Briggs & Stratton engine, is great for general use on water, fetilizers, and many ag chemicals.

Each SE2PLE550 Pacer transfer pump is constructed of corrosion-resistant polyester along with EPDM seals and stainless steel fasteners.  

Need to pump out a large pool or pond quickly? Need to fill your ag sprayer in short time?

These transfer pumps are ideal because they let you move a large amount of water in a short amount of time: up to 200 gallons per minute!

Centrifugal pumps are made to handle a wide variety of liquids and are built rugged.

Other types of pumps include:

Diaphragm pumps, which are self-priming, and electric-, engine- or PTO-driven, are a good choice for specialized uses like moving water to an elevated area.

Some diaphragm pumps can pump at high pressures as well.

Piston pumps are also self-priming, and can be engine- or PTO-driven. Piston pumps use a reciprocating action inside a cylinder to draw liquid in and force it out.

Roller pumps are self-priming and can be adapted to PTO, gasoline, or electric motor drives and are good for moving liquids a short distance from the main source.

Roller pumps are a great low-cost pump option on small to mid-size ag sprayers.

Learn more about the PaulB Wholesale Pacer Centrifugal Transfer Pump special for April.