Rust Busters: Lubes or Penetrants?

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If you’ve ever had to rebuild a mower deck, restore a used car, or just bust through rust in general, you’re likely already familiar with PB B’laster, WD-40, and 3-IN-ONE.

But you might not be aware that a penetrant and a lubricant weren’t made to be interchangeable.

For instance, PB B’laster is a penetrant, solvent-base; and Blaster Multi-Purpose (PB-50) is a lubricant, oil-based. PB is actually a penetrant which frees rusted or stuck parts, while the multi-purpose is more of a water displacer.

“A good rule of thumb is to use a penetrating oil (like PB B’laster) on anything rusty or corroded, and use a multi-purpose lubricant (like PB-50) on anything squeaky or sticking,” according to the folks at B’laster Corporation.

See these suggested uses, compiled from the companies’ websites and through their customer review forums.

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Blaster Multi-Purpose (lubricant): Sliding doors and windows, hinges, locks, valves, bicycle chains, roller blades, firearms, sports equipment, chains, glides, fishing reels and tackle, and more.

PB (penetrant): Clean corrosion from battery cables, automotive parts, industrial parts, marine parts, plumbing, brakes, exhaust systems, suspension systems, nuts, bolts, pipe threads, farm equipment, mobile homes, and more.

WD-40 multi-use (lubricant): Remove sticky residues; lubricates doors, pruning shears and tree loppers, playground equipment, hinges, vacuum cleaner wheel joints and beater bar joints, slide locks, pulleys, fans, ball bearings in chains; frees stuck Lego blocks. Find more than 2,000 suggested uses here.

WD-40 specialist (penetrant): Clean corrosion from bolts, locks, screws, threads, nuts, valve spring retainers, spark plugs, bearings, treadmill walking belts, pulleys, conduit wire snakes, link chains, tractor parts, brake bleeders, bushing sleeves, and more.

3-IN-ONE multipurpose oil: (lubricant, rust preventer, cleaner, and often sold as complement to WD-40): Use on hinges, door tracks, chains, fan bearings, pulleys, hinges, latches, nuts, bolts, screws, bicycle parts, hand power tools, drill bits, wheels, seals, and trailer hitches; keeps drill bits and saw blades cool; restores garden shears and snips. (May stain wood, so tape off before applying to rusty hardware and fixtures).