Save money while maintaining fleet health

As the mechanical shop foreman at Disposal Management Services, Inc., in Coal Township, PA, Bill Gessner Jr. knows it’s often the small details that mean the most: the bolts, bearings, belts, lubricants, ratchet straps, load binders … all the little things that keep the big things running.

repair shop supplies for trucking
Keep maintenance costs down by saving on tools, cargo control, fasteners, and lubricants in one stop

Even though these items are some of the least expensive, they’re among the most important supplies for maintaining the health of your fleet.

For more than a decade, Gessner has helped dozens of trucks successfully dispatch from DMS Inc. every day. The fleet delivers and removes heavy-duty construction containers and waste-removal bins from sites all over central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

“PaulB Wholesale is a preferred vendor. With their mechanical solutions, they help keep our fleet on the road, picking up where others left off,” said Fred Heimbaugh, general manager of DMS, Inc.

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DMS Inc. uses PaulB Wholesale to help keep its fleet on the road.

PaulB Wholesale helps DMS Inc. keep maintenance costs down by providing savings on those necessary parts and lubricants. It also supplies cargo control equipment, including ratchet straps with up to 20,000-pound breaking strength. Any fleet company with a dedicated shop and repair technicians (and 30 or more trucks, trailers or power equipment), can benefit from PaulB Wholesale’s discount pricing on fleet supplies, and free delivery or same-day shipping with minimum order. Learn more here.

PaulB Wholesale is a supplier specializing in fleet, agricultural, industrial and mechanical parts. Its broad product line makes it an ideal solution for those in the fleet industry. Instead of buying shop supplies from several wholesalers, trucking companies can buy from one and have supplies delivered to them in one day.

“With their mechanical solutions, they help keep our fleet on the road, picking up where others left off.” (Fred Heimbaugh, general manager of DMS, Inc.)

PaulB Wholesale warehouse facility
The 60,000-square-foot building enables PaulB Wholesale to house an extensive inventory of agricultural, industrial, mechanical and fleet supplies.

“They’re a lot quicker and less expensive than other places,” Gessner said. “I never knew about them (before last year), so I thought I’d give them a shot. We’ve been dealing with them ever since.”

“When businesses partner with us, it’s like they have a warehouse in their backyard,” said Jim Hostetter, president of PaulB Wholesale. “We welcomed 167 new customers in 2014. That’s a 15% growth.” To accommodate its growing client base, PaulB Wholesale houses more than $2 million worth of inventory inside its 60,000-square-foot building.

“A lot of wholesale companies just do lubes or engine parts,” added Kory Musser, e-commerce coordinator. “We have welding wires, degreasers, grinding wheels, lubricants … the supplies fleet services need, all in one place.”

Brubacher Excavating of Bowmansville takes advantage of PaulB Wholesale’s free delivery, too. With 150 trucks and 300 pieces of equipment, Brubacher Excavating needs to keep a running inventory of lubricants, fuel pumps, hitch parts and banded belts on hand.

Ted Shotzberger, manager of Brubacher Excavating’s parts and tools department, helps keep the fleet, with a $40 million replacement value, on a disciplined maintenance schedule. “We have no problem meeting their $100 minimum, and the free delivery works out really well.”

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