Sprayers Help all Kinds of Industries

image of food plot sprayer

Sprayers are used in many industries, including some that might surprise you.

Commodity farmers commonly use them for crop maintenance and in smaller farm operations.

The CropCare 25 Gallon ATV Sprayer is a heavy-duty sprayer built for farming or commercial applications.

PaulB Wholesale’s smaller trailer sprayers (with tanks up to 60 gallons) are nice for smaller ag operations.

Because of their lighter weight, lawn trailer sprayers and UTV mounted sprayers come in handy for applying herbicide early in the season when the ground is still wet.

You’ll get around without compacting the soil.

Smaller Models

Reach awkward patches of weeds with smaller sprayers where a large boom sprayer can’t reach or be easily maneuvered, or reach areas along fencerows and buildings.

Poultry farmers benefit from sprayers because of their ability to easily apply weed control measures around chicken houses.

image sprayers for sale onlineDoing so helps make those areas less desirable for rodents to hang around and may decrease the chance for disease.

Because sprayers make it easy to apply inoculants and acids to hay and forage crops, they serve livestock farmers, dairy farmers, and ranchers as well.

Spot, caddy, and lawn trailer sprayers help organic farmers apply fish emulsions and natural foliar fertilizer to keep beds and orchards free from disease and keep them well nourished.

Outside of Ag

Even the home gardener can benefit from a battery-operated sprayer to ease the application of pesticides and/or fertilizers.

image Tampa Bay Rowdies turf field sprayersHunters use ATV and ATX sprayers to prepare and maintain wildlife food plots, and some farmers establish food plots to lease hunting rights to outdoorsmen.

Sprayers help control weeds and keep undesirable grasses out of the plots.

The Keystone Elk Alliance in Benezette, PA, uses a 110-gallon 3pt sprayer to maintain the wildlife management setting at the Elk Country Visitors Center (75 acres) and 30 acres of private land.

Municipalities, property maintenance crews, and turf professionals use sprayers.

They help maintain parks, recreational areas, public use areas, riparian buffers, golf courses, athletic fields, and to keep right-of-way areas from being overgrown.

Turf professionals for the Tampa Bay Rowdies professional soccer team use a 60-gallon ATX sprayer to keep bermudagrass on the fields healthy.

Save on sprayers & parts

Sprayer accessories, such as spray wands, help precision spraying and targeted application of pesticides, herbicides, and other liquids.

PaulB Wholesale customers benefit from specialized pricing on sprayers, sprayer parts, and sprayer accessories.

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