Stretch Wrap or Shrink Wrap?

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Stretch wrap is stretchable plastic film that is wrapped tightly around objects to secure them, and its elastic recovery is what keeps it tight

Shrink wrap, on the other hand, is usually wrapped loosely around items and made taut by applied heat.

Large pallets most likely are wrapped in stretch wrap and not shrink wrap. wholesale stretch film, stretch wrap, shrinkwrap

Individual products likely are wrapped in shrink wrap.

Stretch wrap will feel stretchy and tension makes it work.

Shrink wrap does not feel stretchy and heat makes it work.

But if you’ve been using the wrong term for either of these products, don’t feel bad. Even vendors interchange the terms because of the “known as” issue.

The technical term for what PaulB Wholesale sells is “stretch wrap,” but it has been called shrink wrap by many people because of the way it pulls items together and holds them in place (shrink).

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The wrap that PaulB Wholesale sells for this purpose is not heated to pull it together. PaulB Wholesale’s line of stretch film “shrink wrap” is ideal for cargo control, is easy to use, and an economical choice to bundle and wrap bulk items.

PaulB Wholesale also has easy to use, portable stretch film dispensers.

Stretch wrap is similar to Saran Wrap and leaves no sticky residue on the contents that it secures. It can also protect products from dirt and moisture.

Stretch wrap comes in various widths, lengths, and core diameters, and containment force.

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