Uses for graphite powder

farmer seeding, PaulB Wholesale

When it’s time to plant corn, you want your corn planter to dispense and disperse the maximum amount of seeds for a maximum yield.

Graphite powder can enhance seed flow in any kind of weather conditions. Farmers may mix graphite powder with talc to create a barrier between seeds and static or moisture cling. It’s one of the easiest, most economical ways to increase seed flow without buildup.

graphite powder, PaulB Wholesale, farm supplies imageTo help farmers avoid clumping in seed disks, PaulB Wholesale has included EZ-Slide graphite powder among its Hot Deals for March, to help kickoff the growing season.

Farmers add graphite powder in layers as seeds are added, to avoid bridging in the planter box. The more seed, the more plants per acre. That means more profit.

Yet, you can use EZ-Slide Graphite Coatings on more than just farm equipment.

You can also use this dry lubricant on industrial equipment, gravity boxes, truck beds, lawn mower undercarriages, garage door tracks, and more. It reportedly dampens squeaks in wood flooring, too.

Graphite powder can reduce friction and lessen static electricity (especially an issue in planters with plastic seed metering disks), to help prevent dirt from caking onto parts.

When using graphite powder, keep these precautions in mind. Use it in a well-ventilated area and consider wearing a mask to avoid breathing it in.

Also, use caution not to “over-powder,” as it may cause the seed meters to miscalculate. Check manufacturer’s recommendations.