Wholesaler Recognized for Fulfillment Processes

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Order fulfillment is a priority at PaulB Wholesale. It’s why the company recently customized and launched a robust warehouse management system.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

PaulB Wholesale recently received recognition for the successful integration of an inventory management system and real-time inventory reports software that help PaulB Wholesale reach top warehouse performances in order picking accuracy, inventory accuracy, and order rate.

Epicor, an inventory management system, integrates with PathGuide’s Latitude, a warehouse management system that creates real-time cycle counting and inventory reports.

World Freight Focus recently highlighted PaulB Wholesale’s custom integration in an article emphasizing the benefits of launching a warehouse management system to manage the more than 60,000 SKUs of industrial, mechanical, power transmission, and fleet services supplies.

PaulB Wholesale reached a 99.75 percent accuracy rate on its shipping line count.

Materials Management & Distribution, Canada’s supply chain magazine, also highlighted PaulB Wholesale as an example of inventory and fulfillment success because of its .06 percent inventory error rate.

Implementing the new Wholesale Management System was a challenge, especially since it closely followed behind the launch of Epicor Eagle enterprise and sales software, and the continued growth of the company.Warehouse Management System image

“I commend the entire wholesale staff for adjusting well to the changes and successfully adapting to the new system,” said Jim Hostetter, PaulB Wholesale president.

The wholesaler’s warehouse management system enables staff to switch roles from receiving to shipping, and it makes it easier to train new staff, since a pick path guides them to the products’ locations.

It greatly increases the wholesaler’s order fulfillment efficiency.

“Our company has grown more than 10 percent in the last year, but we’ve been able to reduce employee costs in receiving by 20 percent,” Hostetter added.

This helps PaulB Wholesale continue to offer contractors, farmers, and mechanics quality supplies at discounted prices.

Customers can see demonstrations of PathGuide Latitude in action during PaulB Wholesale’s Vendor Showcase Feb. 24. For more details, please call 855-738-1117.