Wholesaler Recognized for Fulfillment Processes

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  Order fulfillment is a priority at PaulB Wholesale. It’s why the company recently customized and launched a robust warehouse management system. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. PaulB Wholesale recently received recognition for the successful integration of an inventory management system and real-time inventory reports software that help PaulB Wholesale reach top warehouse performances in…
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Have PaulB Wholesale ‘Sitting’ Nearby

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Once again, PaulB Wholesale is ready to bring the warehouse to you…and offer a window into that warehouse with its catalog. The PaulB Wholesale 2017 catalog is now available, featuring more than 800 colorful pages of product images, information, specs, and pricing. This year’s catalog features 47 groups of supplies, with thousands of options in…
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Keep Equipment Healthy Through Winter

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Certain lubricants/fluids can prolong the life of your equipment. In harsh weather conditions, they can also enhance its performance. Following are some suggested products to help maintain and protect your equipment. Keep in mind, all lubricant/fluid use should comply with your owner’s manual and/or manufacturer’s specifications. Drain the tanks of small-engine equipment that won’t be…
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Stretch Wrap or Shrink Wrap?

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Stretch wrap is stretchable plastic film that is wrapped tightly around objects to secure them, and its elastic recovery is what keeps it tight Shrink wrap, on the other hand, is usually wrapped loosely around items and made taut by applied heat. Large pallets most likely are wrapped in stretch wrap and not shrink wrap.  Individual…
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Cable Ties are One of the Most Useful Tools

PaulB Wholesale zip ties, cables ties, wire ties

Cable ties are nearly as ubiquitous as plastic grocery bags (and are likely put to more varied use). They’re sometimes referred to as zip ties, tie wraps, or wire ties. They come in all sorts of lengths, widths, materials, strengths, and colors. Cable ties were invented by the Thomas & Betts company in 1958, initially…
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Rust Busters: Lubes or Penetrants?

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If you’ve ever had to rebuild a mower deck, restore a used car, or just bust through rust in general, you’re likely already familiar with PB B’laster, WD-40, and 3-IN-ONE. But you might not be aware that a penetrant and a lubricant weren’t made to be interchangeable. For instance, PB B’laster is a penetrant, solvent-base;…
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Choose the Right Grinding Wheel for your Project

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Finding the grinding wheel or cutting wheel you need depends on the materials you’ll be working with: metal, stone, concrete, etc. GRINDING Grinding wheels made of aluminum oxide are the most commonly used for working with metals. There are also abrasives made of zirconia alumina, a combination of aluminum oxide and zirconium-oxide. Zirconia alumina is…
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Find the Right PTO Shaft

PaulB Wholesale PTO Shaft Driveline

A Power Take-Off shaft transfers power from tractor to implement. Use the wrong shaft, and you risk ruining the driveline, your equipment and possibly risking your own safety! There are numerous ratings, styles and sizes that factor into choosing the right PTO shaft for your application. PaulB Wholesale is the Northeast Regional Distributor for Weasler…
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PaulB Wholesale Helps Auto Shops Save

For busy garages and automotive shops, keeping inventory well stocked can fall behind in priority, especially when your everyday schedule is booked with auto repairs, inspections, keeping a fleet on the road, etc. That’s where a wholesale company that delivers products all over Pennsylvania and elsewhere comes in handy, and could play an integral role in…
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Our own Brand is Now a Registered Trademark

Vallast, PaulBWholesale brand, value that lasts, PaulB, Paul B

VALLAST®, the brand name for PaulB Wholesale’s own family of products, is now an officially registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. (See PaulB Wholesale Introduces Vallast.) “The process of trademarking VALLAST® was an interesting project because, at some point, we realized that many good names had already been registered with the USPTO,”…
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