Get Efficient Transmission Under Your Belt

Did you know? The Carlisle Belt brand is now owned by Timken. Almost all Carlisle belts are made in the heart of the USA: in Springfield, MO, and in Ft. Scott, Kansas. Carlisle Belts are made from new EPDM construction. PaulB Wholesale customers save 15 percent off all sizes of Carlisle Super II Belts during…
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Save on Shop Supplies with Early Order

image PaulB Wholesale early order program

Production managers, shop managers, and farm managers know that having an inventory of spare parts and shop supplies can prevent downtime, which helps save money. Good supply management is one of the top best practices for equipment managers. So when there’s an opportunity to save on those spare parts and supplies, grab it! PaulB Wholesale’s…
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Why The Early Bird Gets The Worm

(…the Worm being shop-supply savings unearthed!) For those in the agriculture, industrial, fleet industry, or mechanical supply fields, being early can pay off. PaulB Wholesale has 5 early order programs that take place throughout the year, highlighting certain products. Customers can save up to 10% on nearly every item in the wholesale company’s inventory –…
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