Keep Equipment Healthy Through Winter

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Certain lubricants/fluids can prolong the life of your equipment. In harsh weather conditions, they can also enhance its performance. Following are some suggested products to help maintain and protect your equipment. Keep in mind, all lubricant/fluid use should comply with your owner’s manual and/or manufacturer’s specifications. Drain the tanks of small-engine equipment that won’t be…
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Rust Busters: Lubes or Penetrants?

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If you’ve ever had to rebuild a mower deck, restore a used car, or just bust through rust in general, you’re likely already familiar with PB B’laster, WD-40, and 3-IN-ONE. But you might not be aware that a penetrant and a lubricant weren’t made to be interchangeable. For instance, PB B’laster is a penetrant, solvent-base;…
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PaulB Wholesale Helps Auto Shops Save

For busy garages and automotive shops, keeping inventory well stocked can fall behind in priority, especially when your everyday schedule is booked with auto repairs, inspections, keeping a fleet on the road, etc. That’s where a wholesale company that delivers products all over Pennsylvania and elsewhere comes in handy, and could play an integral role in…
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7 Important Fluids for Winterizing Equipment

When temperatures drop in the winter, your vehicles and the equipment in your shop or fleet need a little extra TLC. Following is a generalized list of lubricants/fluids that should be on hand and in good supply during months when freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Keep in mind that each piece of equipment will…
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