Get Efficient Transmission Under Your Belt

Did you know? The Carlisle Belt brand is now owned by Timken. Almost all Carlisle belts are made in the heart of the USA: in Springfield, MO, and in Ft. Scott, Kansas. Carlisle Belts are made from new EPDM construction. PaulB Wholesale customers save 15 percent off all sizes of Carlisle Super II Belts during…
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Save on Shop Supplies with Early Order

image PaulB Wholesale early order program

Production managers, shop managers, and farm managers know that having an inventory of spare parts and shop supplies can prevent downtime, which helps save money. Good supply management is one of the top best practices for equipment managers. So when there’s an opportunity to save on those spare parts and supplies, grab it! PaulB Wholesale’s…
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Sprayers Help all Kinds of Industries

image of food plot sprayer

Sprayers are used in many industries, including some that might surprise you. Commodity farmers commonly use them for crop maintenance and in smaller farm operations. PaulB Wholesale’s smaller trailer sprayers (with tanks up to 60 gallons) are nice for smaller ag operations. Because of their lighter weight, lawn trailer sprayers and UTV mounted sprayers come in handy…
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Need to Move a lot of Water in a Short Amount of Time?

PaulB Wholesale Briggs and Stratton pacer pump

Transfer pumps move liquids from one spot to another, and can be used to move more than just water. They move fertilizers, chemicals, slurry, oil, and water efficiently and safely. Be sure your pump is equipped to handle the length of suction and discharge needed to move the liquid for the intended job. Always read a…
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Uses for graphite powder

farmer seeding, PaulB Wholesale

When it’s time to plant corn, you want your corn planter to dispense and disperse the maximum amount of seeds for a maximum yield. Graphite powder can enhance seed flow in any kind of weather conditions. Farmers may mix graphite powder with talc to create a barrier between seeds and static or moisture cling. It’s one of…
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Have PaulB Wholesale ‘Sitting’ Nearby

PaulB Wholesale, Paul B Parts, catalog

Once again, PaulB Wholesale is ready to bring the warehouse to you…and offer a window into that warehouse with its catalog. The PaulB Wholesale 2017 catalog is now available, featuring more than 800 colorful pages of product images, information, specs, and pricing. This year’s catalog features 47 groups of supplies, with thousands of options in…
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Find the Right PTO Shaft

PaulB Wholesale PTO Shaft Driveline

A Power Take-Off shaft transfers power from tractor to implement. Use the wrong shaft, and you risk ruining the driveline, your equipment and possibly risking your own safety! There are numerous ratings, styles and sizes that factor into choosing the right PTO shaft for your application. PaulB Wholesale is the Northeast Regional Distributor for Weasler…
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Our own Brand is Now a Registered Trademark

Vallast, PaulBWholesale brand, value that lasts, PaulB, Paul B

VALLAST®, the brand name for PaulB Wholesale’s own family of products, is now an officially registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. (See PaulB Wholesale Introduces Vallast.) “The process of trademarking VALLAST® was an interesting project because, at some point, we realized that many good names had already been registered with the USPTO,”…
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How to Choose the Right Discharge Hose

flat lay hose, discharge hose, PaulB Wholesale

Discharge hose can be made of various material, comes in a variety of sizes, and is used to transport various liquids. Whether for suctioning or for discharge, the type of hose you choose depends on flexibility needs, durability needs, and price. When it comes to flexibility, lay flat hose may be your best choice. “The…
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