Which Antifreeze do I Need?

image of antifreeze install

The color of antifreeze and coolant won’t indicate its use Antifreeze/coolant lowers the freezing point of water and raises the boiling point of water, but not all antifreeze/coolant acts the same. Make sure you’re putting the right kind of antifreeze/coolant in your car, truck, dirt bike, or equipment. TYPES There is antifreeze with… IAT (inorganic…
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Keep Equipment Healthy Through Winter

heavy equipment, winterize, snowblower, cold weather equipment

Certain lubricants/fluids can prolong the life of your equipment. In harsh weather conditions, they can also enhance its performance. Following are some suggested products to help maintain and protect your equipment. Keep in mind, all lubricant/fluid use should comply with your owner’s manual and/or manufacturer’s specifications. Drain the tanks of small-engine equipment that won’t be…
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