Ball Valves: Control the Flow

ball valves image

Ball Valves make it easy to control the flow of all kinds of material: liquid, air, gas. With just a quarter turn of the lever, the pivoting ball with a hole in its center turns to either let material through, or stop it in its track. Check out this 3D animation for a detailed view…
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Save on Shop Supplies with Early Order

image PaulB Wholesale early order program

Production managers, shop managers, and farm managers know that having an inventory of spare parts and shop supplies can prevent downtime, which helps save money. Good supply management is one of the top best practices for equipment managers. So when there’s an opportunity to save on those spare parts and supplies, grab it! PaulB Wholesale’s…
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Best Wheelbarrow for the Job?

image of wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are brawn on wheels. A wheelbarrow makes a labor-intensive job easier by serving as an axle and lever, making it easier to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another. You want to choose the right one for the job. WHEELBARROW NUMBERS Wheelbarrows vary in load capacity. The wheelbarrows at PaulB Wholesale…
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Which Antifreeze do I Need?

image of antifreeze install

The color of antifreeze and coolant won’t indicate its use Antifreeze/coolant lowers the freezing point of water and raises the boiling point of water, but not all antifreeze/coolant acts the same. Make sure you’re putting the right kind of antifreeze/coolant in your car, truck, dirt bike, or equipment. TYPES There is antifreeze with… IAT (inorganic…
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How to Choose a Pressure Washer

image of person using pressure washer

Make quick work of heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Like pressure washers, power washers blast away dirt and debris from various surfaces. Technically, though, a power washer heats the water, which can provide more cleaning power. But the terms are often used interchangeably, and we’ll do so here. ELECTRIC OR GAS? Pressure washers can be electric or…
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Sprayers Help all Kinds of Industries

image of food plot sprayer

Sprayers are used in many industries, including some that might surprise you. Commodity farmers commonly use them for crop maintenance and in smaller farm operations. PaulB Wholesale’s smaller trailer sprayers (with tanks up to 60 gallons) are nice for smaller ag operations. Because of their lighter weight, lawn trailer sprayers and UTV mounted sprayers come in handy…
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Cargo Control: Keep Freight Safe

PaulB Wholesale image freight cargo control supplies

Cargo control is not something to be taken lightly. It can literally be a matter of life or death. Whenever you’re hauling, “the first thing you want to do is try to make your cargo as much a part of the truck as possible so that if you are in an accident, your cargo is…
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Need to Move a lot of Water in a Short Amount of Time?

PaulB Wholesale Briggs and Stratton pacer pump

Transfer pumps move liquids from one spot to another, and can be used to move more than just water. They move fertilizers, chemicals, slurry, oil, and water efficiently and safely. Be sure your pump is equipped to handle the length of suction and discharge needed to move the liquid for the intended job. Always read a…
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Uses for graphite powder

farmer seeding, PaulB Wholesale

When it’s time to plant corn, you want your corn planter to dispense and disperse the maximum amount of seeds for a maximum yield. Graphite powder can enhance seed flow in any kind of weather conditions. Farmers may mix graphite powder with talc to create a barrier between seeds and static or moisture cling. It’s one of…
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Wholesaler Recognized for Fulfillment Processes

wholesaler, wholesale, supply vendor, ag supplies, industrial supples, contractor supplies, supplies fleet services, PaulB

  Order fulfillment is a priority at PaulB Wholesale. It’s why the company recently customized and launched a robust warehouse management system. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. PaulB Wholesale recently received recognition for the successful integration of an inventory management system and real-time inventory reports software that help PaulB Wholesale reach top warehouse performances in…
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